Funeral Etiquette

The loss of a friend or loved one can affect us in many different ways. For those who may not have much experience with such a loss, take a look at our etiquette guide to find ways of supporting those in grief and expressing your own.

Ring Theory – (Ring of Comfort)

Rings Of ComfortA recent concept has been making the rounds on knowing how to help those in grief. Looking at the picture above, the center ring represents where the need for comfort is greatest. Each ring moving outward represents your connection to the deceased or the family. Comfort  should pour in from the outer rings, while inner rings may ask for help and reach out for comfort. Remember that a death can affect people in many different ways. Supporting those in need ensures everyone can find peace.

Grief in the Digital Age

Before social media, people would often learn about a recent passing through the local newspaper. Today, sometimes within hours of passing, information quickly spreads across platforms. If you discover someone has passed through social media be mindful to use the following tips.

  • It is very likely that the immediate family are receiving many calls, texts, emails, and posts. As they try to work out the necessary information and decisions, be prepared to offer help and condolences, but don’t overload their phones. Information will become available eventually, and showing your support in person at a wake, memorial service, or funeral is a good way of connecting with others without overwhelming them.
  • If you want to honor the life of someone, consider giving a donation online to a favorite charity or gift a donation to the family through crowd-funding websites that can support the family or help cover funeral costs.


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