Our Services

Traditional Burial

Preparations for a traditional burial include embalming and allow for wake services and funeral rites  before burial to be offered within a few days following the passing.

Direct Burial

Some faith traditions require immediate preparations and burial within a 24-hour window following the passing. In these cases, embalming is not performed and refrigeration is required prior to burial.

Traditional Cremation

Similar to a traditional burial, a traditional cremation includes refrigeration or embalming and allows for a wake service and funeral rites before final cremation.

Direct Cremation

Whether honoring faith or personal wishes, a direct cremation requires expedited preparations. Following the cremation, gatherings such as memorial services and funeral rites are available.

Special Requests

We can provide a variety of special requests to suit preferences and needs. To include a special request, we recommend going through our pre-planning process.

And More…

Continue reading to learn more about the services and products that we offer. We are here to answer your questions and provide guidance through this process.


Should you desire a burial in a mausoleum, crypt, or similar interment, we can ensure appropriate care in the process and assist in selecting an available location.


When a loved one passes and must be brought home, we are able to facilitate all necessary procedures to deliver the remains to the appropriate place, either domestically or internationally.


Commonly referred to as a “wake,” prior to burial or cremation, we can provide a time to gather for friends and family to honor the deceased. This may happen in conjunction with religious services, or may be held as a memorial service.

Burial Vault

Burial vaults are structures that protect a casket and prevent ground depressions. Some locations may require a vault for a burial.


Memorial Video

During visitations and wakes, if you have available images and videos, we can produce a memorial video that will play on loop on all the screens on our premises, allowing guests to share memories from anywhere in the building.

Prayer Cards

With a wide variety of available cards, we can provide a selection of cards to honor life, share prayers or quotes, and customize imagery to fit your needs.