Pre-Planning Arrangements

Preparing pre-planned arrangements provides peace of mind that your wishes guide your loved ones. Opting for a payment plan or prepaid funeral trust account with Choices (New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Account) can also take the worry out of final expenses.

Due to the nature of the personal information required in filing your arrangements or for creating death certificates, we collect all information during in-person meetings or over the phone. This enables better safety for your information and avoids sending sensitive data over unsecured email or internet connections. In the event of a sudden passing while pre-planning, a death certificate information form can be completed to expedite create the death certificates. Additional details may be required over the phone or in person to certify the certificates. 

You may also consider making sure your legal wishes are up-to-date. Important documents to check include, the Last Will and Testament, any related medical releases, power of attorney, or appointing a funeral agent. Funeral agents are your legal representative to manage your funeral wishes. Always use a trusted family member or friend as their status empowers decisions above what any other individual may say. Following a death and prior to a probated will, the executor informs the agent how much money is available from the estate for the funeral. A funeral director should never be named as a Funeral Agent to avoid any conflict of interests.

Contact us  for an appointment to discuss available options related to pre-planning. We’ll review options in addition to pricing to help you find selections suited to your wishes.

Pre-planned Arrangements Lawton-Turso Funeral Home