Writing And Giving A Meaningful Eulogy

No matter your origins, you may someday speak for the memory of someone recently passed away. However daunting it sounds, this process does not have to add to your stress or sadness. The best eulogies follow some general patterns which can guide your own words.

It is important to remember that eulogies are traditionally reserved for during memorials held at a funeral home or at the place of final burial. To follow tradition and share your remembrances, use our guide below. 

Make It Personal

Each life has an incredible story whether it lasted one year or one hundred years. Telling your experience or connection to the deceased helps those in attendance learn about the life they honor together. While there may be many stories to choose from, select one or two that speaks to the personality, interests, and life of the individual. Include details to make it resonate with listeners, but be mindful not to share too much personal information or to drag the story for a long time.

Tone of Eulogies

While funerals take a somber tone, a eulogy can be a way of sharing humor or lightening the mood with a well placed story. As with above, make things personal and find examples of funny moments in the life of the dearly departed. These kinds of stories uplift friends and family, helping to celebrate a loved one with good memories when needed most.


If gathering stories leaves you with 100 pages worth of material to choose from, it is a good idea to choose the very best ones. Sometimes more than one person may wish to say a few words, and it shows consideration for other speakers and attendees to keep remarks to a few minutes.

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